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One of the top reasons to rent a car from Heraklion is because you can, safely and in your own time, discover special gems of Crete, such as the Palm Forest of Vai. The palm forest consists of 5.000 ‘Phoenix theophrastil’ palm trees, a type of palm found only in Vai and the Canary Islands. While swimming at its foot, in the most popular waters of eastern Crete, you may think you are in the tropical Caribbean, even though you are on the shores of the Carpathian Sea. Vai was a well-kept secret of locals and hippies, when in 1988 a popular TV commercial about Bounty chocolate was shot there. Since then, the beach has become popular to Greece and worldwide.

Leave your rental car at the parking lot located just 2-3 minutes away from the beach and explore the area on foot. Most of the Vai palm forest is fenced since it has been recognized as a protected area. The beach is fully organized, with sunbeds, toilets, showers, cafe and restaurant. If you need more time to explore Eastern Crete, hiring the car for extra days is not a problem! We offer 24/7 communication service, for everything you may need. Check here: 8+1 reasons to choose us