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You are renting a car for the first time? Before travelling to Crete, make sure to read everything you need to know about the car hiring process. The team of RentCar.gr points out three basic requirements that if you do not meet, unfortunately you will have to take the bus!

1. Make sure you have the needed documents for car rental

Identity Card is a basic prerequisite to rent a car. The passport can also be used. Also, you need a valid Credit or Debit Card. The tenant's name must be the same on every needed document.

2. Make sure you have a driving license for more than a year

It goes without saying that you will have your driving license with you. But to be able to use it for car hiring, it must be valid and have been issued at least a year ago.

3. Check the age limit

If you are 18 years old, having just obtained a driving license, unfortunately you are not able to rent a car, for the reasons mentioned above. If you are 20-24 years old, you are considered a "new driver". This means that you can rent a car but there are certain rules for you. Check here: Car rentals for new drivers - This is what you need to know.