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The rental day is calculated through a 24-hour basis, with a grace period of 1 hour after the declared return or receipt time of the car. In case of late return, more than 1 hour, then another rental day will be charged. Otherwise the company RentCar.gr has the right not to deliver the car to the tenant. The company reserves the right, depending on availability, to provide a different type of car than the original booking on the better category.


The driver must have a license for at least one year. His driving license must be Greek, European (for EU countries) Ή International (for non-EU countries)


The vehicle can be delivered to any port, airport or main city of Crete. Transportation outside of Crete Island, in-between the islands and the mainland is not allowed.


Taking the rental car outside the region of Crete is not allowed.


Upon receipt of the car, it is necessary to present a Driving License, Passport or Identity Card and a valid Credit or Debit Card (in case you have chosen the Basic package). Please note that the tenant's name must be the same on all required documents.


The tenant and driver must be over 19 years of age. For drivers who are 19 to 24 and over 75 years old there is an extra charge. In addition, when renting the car is mandatory to choose Full Insurance, it is also necessary to make a commitment on the driver card that will be used as a guarantee in case of any damage to the car..


The minimum rent in RentCar.gr is 1 hour, which is set as 1 (one) day of rent.


For cancellations made 8 or more days before your arrival there will be no charge. In any other cases as well as in case you do not show up you will be charged of the 100% of the value of your reservation. Upon receipt of the vehicle, any change or cancellation from the original reservation will not be amended and no refunds will be given. If there is a change that will result in a higher rental cost, the tenant is obliged to pay the difference. If the vehicle is returned earlier than the scheduled date and time, no refund will be made.


The tenant must return the vehicle to the agreed location and date as specified in the Lease Agreement. If the vehicle is returned to a different location, there is an additional cost and it is agreed upon. If the tenant returns the car to a different location without permission there will be extra charges that are defined by RentCar.gr


It is necessary to present a Credit or Debit Credit Card (in case you have chosen the Basic package), or any other type of charge card in the name of the tenant. Any amount retained as a vehicle warranty is refunded in full within the period specified by the tenant's Bank after the return of the car as long as there is no damage or any loss.


We accept payments by credit cards and debit cards, Visa and Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Masterpass, PayPal or deposit in the bank with the reasoning of the tenant's name:



IBAN: 1302 6033 0000 0120 2009 84045


The vehicle will be delivered with an exact amount of fuel. The return of the car must be with the same amount of fuel. Otherwise, surcharges will be applied based on the current market price as well as a charge with a refueling fee.


Children's seats are available upon request for all ages according to the weight with an extra charge as well as Specialized Navigation System upon request.


In the cases of selection of the Basic Package, the tenant's liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be limited, provided that the K.O.K. is not violated. Depending on the category of the vehicle, the relevant guarantee is formed. The commitments listed are with VAT.

  1. Mini - Manual: 1500 €
  2. Small Size - Manual: 1500 €
  3. Small Size - Automatic: 1500 €
  4. Economy Small - Manual: 1500 €
  5. Economy - Manual: 1500 €
  6. Compact - Manual: 1500 €
  7. Medium Size- Manual: 1500 €
  8. Medium Size - Automatic: 1500 €
  9. Compact SUV - Manual: 1800 €
  10. Full Size - Manual: 1800 €
  11. Small Convertible: 1800 €
  12. Hybrid: 1800 €
  13. SUV - Manual: 3000 €
  14. SUV - Automatic: 3000 €
  15. SUV Hybrid: 3000 €
  16. Compact SUV Convertible: 3000 €
  17. 7seats Mini Van - Manual: 3000 €
  18. 9seats Mini Bus - Manual Diesel: 3000 €

In addition, the tenant is charged, in case of choosing the simple package, with a charge of the Management Cost depending on the category of the vehicle. The charges listed are with VAT.

  1. Mini - Manual: 90 €
  2. Small Size - Manual: 90 €  
  3. Small Size - Automatic: 90 €
  4. Economy Small - Manual: 90 €
  5. Economy - Manual: 90 €
  6. Compact - Manual: 90 €
  7. Medium Size- Manual: 90 €
  8. Medium Size - Automatic: 90 €
  9. Compact SUV - Manual: 180€
  10. Full Size - Manual: 180€
  11. Small Convertible: 180€
  12. Hybrid: 180€
  13. SUV - Manual: 140 €
  14. SUV - Automatic: 140 €
  15. SUV Hybrid: 140 €
  16. Compact SUV Convertible: 140 €
  17. 7seats Mini Van - Manual: 140 €
  18. 9seats Mini Bus - Manual Diesel: 140 €


  • Cancellation/ Amendments
  • Theft insurance
  • Third party insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Collision Damage waiver
  • All taxes, fees and VAT
  • Airport taxes
  • Road Fee/ Road Licensing Fee
  • Premium Location Fee
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Fair Fuel Policy
  • Credit card fees
  • Vehicle Replacement in case of mechanical failure
  • Unlimited free kilometres

16. Smoking inside the car

Smoking is not allowed inside any of our cars.

17. Animals & Pets

Animals or pets are not allowed inside our cars. You can put them in the car only if you use a protected specific box, like those, which are used in airplanes.

18. Key Loss

In case key is lost, you will be charge 250 euros

19. Car cleanliness

In cases where, after the return of the vehicle, it is required additional cleaning because the car is dirty beyond the expected level from the normal use of the vehicle, an additional charge of 100 euros will apply, against receipts of the cost of the service provided.

In case of choosing the basic package, the tenant is charged extra for the internal disinfection of the vehicle, with a charge of 50 €. In the complete package the disinfection is included in the price.

20. Information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, please know that we remain committed to providing you with the exceptional experience and service you expect from RentCar.gr.

We are in communication with relevant authorities regarding coronavirus (Covid-19), and we are taking all necessary precautionary measures in order to protect our clients, employees and suppliers, as well as contributing to the interruption of the transmission chain.

  • More specifically,
  • The Company follows thorough cleaning procedures for each vehicle after every rental.
  • Specific guidelines have been issued by the company’s management to all employees involved in the process of vehicle delivery and collection for prevention and protection against Coronavirus based on the relevant authorities’ directions.
  • All of our branches are equipped with antibacterial materials (wipes, gel) which will be available for all customers.
  • In the event of a Coronavirus affected client or employee involved in the day to day vehicle procedures and operations, the company has set up a process for immediate disinfection of the vehicle and facility, as well as proceeding with the relevant medical inspection of all employees that have been involved in the renting procedure.

According to relevant Ministerial Decisions in Greece, due to COVID-19 measures, a limitation in passengers of all Vehicles applies throughout the Country.

  • For Vehicles with up to 7 seats, there is a limit of 4 passengers in total.
  • For Vehicles with 8 or 9 seats, there is a limit of 6 passengers in total.
  • There is an exception for families with children, where the passengers can reach the maximum allowed number (equal to the number of seats of a car). In such case, only parents and children are allowed to be in the car.